Life of the Kind

My A-Game is Adequate 2024 12-Months Classic Wall Calendar Relatably Sarcastic


Are you the kind of person who is okay with just giving it your some and need a little snark and humor to get through the day? Then this desk calendar for YOU! It's also the perfect gift for an office gift exchange or for the delightfully sarcastic people in your life. The My A-Game Calendar includes the following relatably sarcastic quotes:

January - Day [I think I seized the wrong day.]
February -  Conditions [How am I supposed to Live Laugh Love in these conditions?]
March - First [First of all, no. Second of all, still no.]
April - Problem [Don't be part of the problem, be the entire problem.]
May - Today [Today is not the day, and I am not the one.]
June - Identify [I identify as biodegradable because of how easily I break down.]
July - Fine [It's fine, I'm fine, EVERYTHING'S FINE.]
August - Entire Time [Fine, I won't give up. But I will cuss the entire time.]
September - Teamwork [TEAMWORK. Because together we create more chaos.]
October - Idea [That's a terrible idea. What time should I be there?]
November - Vibes [The vibes are in shambles.]
December - Adult [Being a functional adult every day seems a bit excessive.]

Back/Notes - Doing The Things [Things I Should Be Doing: so many. Things I Am Not Currently Doing: any of that.]


Specifications as follows:

TYPE: 12 Month Wall Calendar 
MATERIAL: Cover paper - 14pt gloss, Inside paper - 100 lb. gloss text
FINISH: Glossy Finish
BINDING: Saddle Stitch
HEIGHT: 8.5 in
LENGTH: 11 in
Total of 17" x 11" of wall space when hung.