Life of the Kind

Nakatomi Advent Calendar


Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? If you answered YES, then WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL and this is the perfect Advent Calendar for you! Laser cut from birch and poplar, magnetic Hans Gruber falls as he counts down the days to Christmas.

Available in 4 sizes: 

  • Small (20cm./9in.) with Floorplan base $30
  • Medium (30cm./12in.) w/ choice of base $40
  • Large (38cm./15in.) w/ Floorplan base $50
  • Extra Large (60cm./18in.) w/ Floorplan base $65

Please note: Depending on the wood used for the size, your building may come in several different finishes (light, weathered oak, or dark walnut.) If you have a preference, please let me know in the notes to the order (especially if you'd like the dark walnut), otherwise the order will be filled with either a light or weathered oak finish.

*SAFETY WARNING* The Hans Gruber character contains a magnet. Please keep any magnets away from from small children.

The calendar will be made to order within 1 week & shipped USPS Priority. Shipping Insurance is included in case of damage.