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I have bought several sets of post cards from Life of the Kind and I have never once been disappointed. The cards are better than I could have imagined, and the speed in which Deb is able to get them out to her customers is amazing. I love the post cards so much, I buy extras of the sets I purchase, just to send them to my friends so that they can enjoy them as well.

Courteney B.

I absolutely love sending out Life of the Kind products! There always seems to be the perfect message anytime I want to encourage, motivate or spread some joy. They are my go-to postcards and cards anytime I want to send love and support to my friends and family.

Joanna M.

I have ordered several postcard sets from Life of The Kind, and I have been thrilled with every single one! The messages are completely on target- full of compassion, whimsy, and inspiration. Print quality and imagery are incredible. In these small but mighty cards you'll get hope, heart, a good laugh, and the empathy/hilarity/self acceptance we should DEFINITELY be sharing (perhaps via a delightful postcard???) with everyone we know.

Jacqueline P.