Life of the Kind

My A-Game is Adequate Laser Cut Wood Keychains with tassels


Are you the kind of person who is okay with just giving it your some? Then these are the keychains for YOU. The My A-Game is Adequate Relatably Sarcastic keychains are perfect gift for you or your salty friends to drop a little snark and humor to get through the day.

There are multiple options available: a total of 8 different designs with colorful tassels attached. The jump ring is soldered together to better secure the key ring to the wood cutout.

The wood quote cutouts are 1/4" deep, range from 2.75" to 3" in length, and are cut using a laser. The tassel color will vary with each order, so if you have a specific preference, please send a message and I will see if I have that color available. Please reference the main listing picture for the available colors.

The My A-Game is Adequate Relatably Sarcastic keychains are available in the following designs:
• Accept the Good (Accept the good in your like. Like me, I'm a f*¢king delight.)
• Apparently (Apparently, I have an attitude.)
• Argue (I'm not arguing, I'm saying something different, but better.)
• Checked Myself ("If only I had checked myself." -Me, after I wrecked myself.)
• Functional Adult (Being a functional adult every day seems a bit excessive.)
• My Face (If my mouth doesn't say it, my face definitely will.)
• My Some (Today, I will give it my some.)
• Peace Live Light (Mostly Peace Love & Light - and a little go f*** yourself.)

  • Billing You (I'm billing you for this conversation.)


Specifications as follows:

• TYPE: Keychain
• MATERIAL: 1/4" Baltic Birch , metal chain & tassel
• FRONT: Laser-Engraved quote
• BACK: Sanded/smooth finish
• HEIGHT: 1" to 1.5" variable
• LENGTH: 2.75" to 3" variable


PLEASE NOTE: Sizing on display picture is a representation and not to scale. Framing or accessories shown for display are not included.