Life of the Kind

Act Your Age Relatably Sarcastic Art My A-Game Is Adequate Series Photographic Print


"I will act the age my soul sees fit."

Are you the kind of person who is okay with just giving it your some and need a little snark and humor to get through the day? Then this is the print from the 'My A-Game Is Adequate' Series for YOU. The print is a typewriter graphic and rice paper textured background, printed on a soft matte photographic paper. It is available in several different sizes (listed below), fully backed, and comes with a white, uncut, Acid Free matboard, Standard 4 ply: 1.4 mil or 1/16 inch suitable for framing. Will include a clear resealable cellophane bag to protect the print.

Sizes Available:
  • MEDIUM: 5 in. x 7 in. = $7.50