Life of the Kind

My A-Game is Adequate 30-Card Snarky Mini-Note Card Set


Are you the kind of person who is okay with just giving it your some? Then these are the notecards for YOU. The My A-Game is Adequate Snarky Mini-Note Cards are perfect way to drop a little snark and humor to get through the day.

It is packaged as a set of 30 business card-sized notes, with a blank back so you can write your own messages. Each mini-note card measures 3.5” x 2” to better fit in your wallet.

The My A-Game is Adequate Snarky Mini-Note Cards set includes the following designs:

• Act Your Age
• Adulting
• Awkward
• Behave
• Checked Myself
• Conditions
• Doing The Things
• Entire Time
• Excitement
• Feisty
• Fueled By
• Hold On
• I Cannot
• I'm Awake
• I'm Not Arguing
• Like
• Long Week
• Mostly Peace, Love & Light
• My A-Game is Adequate
• My Face
• My Some
• Per My Email
• Problem
• Procrastinator
• Rise & Shine
• Spite
• Vision Board
• Well, Well, Well
• Wing It
• You Are Guac

Specifications as follows:

  • RELATABLY SARCASTIC & HUMOROUS NOTE CARDS to send to friends, family, or coworkers.
  • 30 UNIQUE & FUNNY QUOTES in the collection, perfect to send a little laughter to others!
  • SIZE: 3.5" x 2" Business Card size, rounded corners for added elegance and uniqueness.
  • FRONT: Matte Finish [soft and vibrant] BACK: Standard Finish - Blank [easy to write your own notes on]