Life of the Kind

The Clarity Collection Postcard & Mini-Note Card Bundle Set


Send a little encouragement and kindness to others with these colorful cards!

The bundle collection contains BOTH the complete postcard collection and the complete mini-note card set.

  • The postcards from the Clarity Collection are presented in a series of five themes of five postcards each: Courage, Self-Love, Growth, Healing, and Mindset. Includes a bonus "The Power of Stepping Away" postcard. 
  • The Mini-Note Card Collection is presented as a set of 33 business card-sized notes, with a blank back so you can write your own messages of encouragement. Each mini-note card measures 3.5” x 2” to better fit in your wallet. A part of the Clarity Collection, these mini-note cards are focused on Courage, Self-Love, Growth, Healing, and Mindset, and includes  "The Power of Stepping Away" card.