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Do the Work

Do the Work

Does it feel a little overwhelming when you see how much work there is to be done? Where do I even start? How do I get resources to make the biggest impact? What if I am not enough to make a difference? Arthur Ashe said it perfectly: 

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.

We struggle with fear, hunger, poor health, loneliness, and having month left over at the end of our money. It is on us as a WHOLE to extend kindness beyond your household. We are called to care for those in struggle, for those who are hungry, thirsty, lonely, without clothing, sick, or imprisoned.

We are asked to love without conditions. We are asked to care for the least of these brothers and sisters as you would do for your own. We are asked to be kind in an unkind and divisive world.

But still, be kind.

Be generous with your time. Be compassionate with your giving. Resolve a hardship with your ability. Don't let rhetoric stop you from stepping in where you are desperately needed. Even to the end, let your integrity speak the words of your heart. You are enough. 

Nov 09, 2019

For so long I was “unable” to start a business because of all these assumptions that I had to have a lot of money, a business plan, employees, etc. I knew I wanted to work for myself, but all of those things sounded so scary! I froze. For decades. Ironically and quite by accident, I am where I am because I started where I was, used what I had, and did what I could within the parameters I had. I pretty much tripped and fell into business without any expectations. I am simply putting one foot in front of the other and letting come what may. Love you, Deb!


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